so typen fress’ich zum frühstück

kevin, die olle pissnelke, auch besser bekannt als Beepeeoildesaster.

Of course none of us has any copyright to the video stream of Jnn/TBS.
This is what it is not at all.
It is just a mess,
the credits from my video simple cut and then to the great youtube advertising to blurb over it.

However, it is a cheek, if you get caught by me and is very rude claims, you had the video downloaded from a public stream.
Not later than at the place where i zoom, it is clear that it is a one-to-one copy.

the first at all uploaded video about it on yt,
27th of june:

Beepeeoildesaster reload,
28th of june:

my video without credits,
same timeset as beepeeoildesaster ones.:

wanne more?

why i know that he snachted the flushn videos?
because about the quality.
i don’t had recorded them by myself and had used for my own videos of the stormy night reloads of fukulong videos.

who cares…

that you made my destruction into your demolition.

when we (kevin & ulli) don’t will be able to work together on those simple sh!t
how should we safe the world?

its the simple thing that you have stolen something from a friend of mine until you was a guest into my house.
and you don’t want give it back after you are catch up by me,
the one from where you had get it,

please change it and lets have a smoke


Über nuckelchen

baujahr 1971 rheinländer
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Eine Antwort zu so typen fress’ich zum frühstück

  1. Earthling schreibt:

    Das er mit deinen Videos Geld verdient und dich nicht mal erwähnt ist schon eine miese Sache. Ärgere dich aber nicht zu sehr, im Endeffekt geht es nicht um Geld oder Ruhm, eher um Moral, Anstand oder so…und da bist du dann im Vorteil.

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