so einen schwanz habe ich doch schonmal irgendwo gesehen..

er hier wars..

es ist ein


schliesslich habe ich schon comix gelesen, als tepco gerade mal angefangen hatte, an atomkraftwerken rummzuspielen.

ausserdem sieht mir der schwanz etwas zu starr aus, nicht dass der auch nur ein robo ist,
ein sogenannter vibraTEPCOre…

wobei ich nicht damit sagen wollte, dass da jetzt in japan im kraftwerk fukushima daiichi wieder irgend so ein schwanz im auftrag von tepco am rummeiern ist.

das ganz bestimmt nicht.

denn weder areva noch tepco haben überhaupt eier….:wave:


Über nuckelchen

baujahr 1971 rheinländer
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5 Antworten zu marsuTEPCOlani?

  1. elibi schreibt:

    Doch doch! Thanks for making us laugh in spite of Fu.kushiteria.
    Because we are humans and I believe that with critical thinking, it’s one of the few things mankind should strive to develop if it wants to survive.
    Lots of love to Nuckelchen et al.

  2. nuckelchen schreibt:

    doch doch?

    that could be not your answer of my rhetoric question about „if someone from tepco or areva got some balls“…

    and be cool, here you can write „fuck“ if you want.

    i remember me on you and your daughters rebound on enenews as we had readen there „shitfuckery“ the first time.
    as i readed the word i had laugh inside but when i readed the comment from someones daughter, (god, please let me be right with it that it was you and your daughter)i had started to laugh loud….

    since that day it is all a big „shitfuckeria“ down under on fukubeach for my mind.


  3. elibi schreibt:

    Fucking fukushit and fucked-up PTB. AAaaahhhh that sure felt good. Thx Nuckelchen for encouraging my online cursing.
    I was just answering doch doch, I am definitely commenting now to the „No comments on MarsuTEPCOlani“! We should be millions here.
    I so totally see the marsupilami here.
    Fuku come to the limelight! Enough with les putains de chieries de media militaro-nucleaire de merde.
    You are the one who gave me reason to laugh as I was watching Fukushysteria’s ongoing fucking media silence. (same with Assange, Manning, banksters, 99% and so on and so forth.)
    I do remember my first fou-rire on one of your posts. I’d had to call my daughter and share it with her.
    Gosh, it sure felt wonderful. Thank you for reminding us that WE ARE STILL FUCKING ALIVE AND KICKING.
    I rock, you rock, we rock. And we are indeed the fucking 99.999% Love and peaceful thoughts.

  4. elibi schreibt:

    Oh and I’m so fucking tired with my lousy German and Google trad that I hadn’t even used it to read your prose (that is not, as I’ve already told you, 100% understandable to me.)
    I tried it when I saw you’d answered back and I think I got your drift because I started laughing again.
    The militaro-nuclear bunch have no balls at all. Poor things! I mean I’m a woman but I do have balls, mental ones. Ones that count. They have had none, nowhere, ever. They may well have made our doom but once again, you made my day. Peace, take care.
    Elibi aka groupie#2 aka silvergroupie

  5. corazon de la rosa schreibt:

    I watched the clip..over on the right…starting with the dandelion..
    Nice „go about „…
    PS.I’ve owned some beloved cats…

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