grandpa, what would i be without you ?

Theses piece is dedicated to my dead grandpa named RUDOLF.
on every fckng video that you can found on my channel and that i had made by myself, with my own hands and mostly here in the siebengebirge-hills (near bonn, germany), you will see a black bird in it.

after makeing over hunderts of it in the last 13 months i’m 110% shure, that in every one he is visible.
and you can proof it by your own…i wrote to every hand-made video that it was a hand-made video by me, nuckelchen/ulli/ullrich.

after some months i knews that it can’t be just a normal black bird.
for joke i called him RUDI, in homage to my dead grandfather, RUDOLF.
because he was it who turns the family roots here on the mountains for a couple of years ago.

after more then one year under his shelter i will never miss him for the rest of my skywatching time.

but now,
today, the 21. of april 2011..the story enters a new level:
i just wasting my time with some volcano webcam watching in japan last night,
who does shake his popo on the webcams?

right, RUDI !!!
after that point i know that i should wait because something would happen on the volcano webcam that i’ve watched…
the rest of that sweet story you can see in the video.

enjoy it in those black days.
my rudi doesn’t will shake his ass for many times.

its just an other story of life that makes lifes so special and einzigartig.
be a part of it.


Über nuckelchen

baujahr 1971 rheinländer
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